Friday, July 31, 2009

Gov't Mule/ Poor But Sexy


I'm not going to lie — it was pretty cool to make a phone call and have Warren Haynes answer on the other end. He's got one of those unmistakable Southern voices that immediately makes you feel at ease with him. He's also a legend, having toured with The Allman Brothers band and The Dead, as well as fronting a pretty successful band in its own right, Gov't Mule.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend last night's Mule show in Washington, but I did write up a nice feature on the band for the Washington Post Express' Weekend Pass section. In it, Haynes discusses how the band is returning to its roots with newish bassist Jorgen Carlsson, as well as the new Mule album, By a Thread, due next month.

I also did a feature for The Washingtonian — where I'm interning this summer — on DC act Poor But Sexy. The band is made up members from various defunct Washington outfits (Dismemberment Plan, Travis Morrison Hellfighters) as well as a few that are still in action.

The band doesn't have an album yet, and doesn't really tour, but it is working on its first full-length. A four-song EP streams for free on the Poor But Sexy MySpace. It's worth checking out, the band brings some fun and funk to the DC rock scene.

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