Thursday, June 11, 2009

Repulsion (1965)

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Don't have much time for this post, nor do I want to go at any great lengths in case I end up doing a full DVD review. But if you've seen Repulsion, Roman Polanski's first English-language feature, then you know - this one requires some discussion.

I regret having seen Robert Altman's Images a few months ago (well, not really "regret" per say) and not after having seen Repulsion. While Images is not one of Altman's most successful/accessible/overall enjoyable films, it's sort of a clarification of the themes of isolation and female sexual repression Polanski sets forth in Repulsion.

Polanski's film is far from perfect or steady, but it is genuinely disturbing in its portrayal of confinement and madness. Beautiful composition, startling effects (the hands groping through the walls really predicts/informs all those wonderful Cronenbergian creepers) ... oh, and did I mention a quietly crazed performance from Catherine Deneuve?

Ah, I've said too much already. So, lest I trample all over a possible forthcoming review, I will leave with this. Something to brighten up your day ...

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